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Pekka said a few words to honor the all mighty Metal Crypt for it’s 20th anniversary!

Check out the video (Pekka’s chosen words starting from 3:27)

Bigger news coming out later in 2019.

Happy New Year!

– Stay Metal –


Pekka was interviewed by Sari Holm in a fresh interview series called Bäkkäri. Check out the interview from Youtube (only in finnish):



Pekka Montin joins Amoth!



Check out more at: & Amoth on FB

Summer setlist



New single released


Judas Avenger’s new single The Nature of Revenge has been released! Check it our here:

Kaaosfest pics!


Kaaosfest was held in Vaasa 16.-17.2.2018. Pictures by Jarmo Hänninen.


Pekka Montin featuring in Amoth


The vocalist of Judas Avenger will be giving a helping hand, since Amoth lost their previous singer. The deal contains the Emergenza “case”. Amoth is a progressive metal band from Finland. Go and check them out.


Interview in Kaaoszine


Kaaoszine did an interview about us (only in Finnish). Check it out here!

Tuska competition


Judas Avenger takes part in Tuska-competition, go and vote for us here!

Volume competition


Judas Avenger won the votes of the audience in the Volume competition, now wish us luck that we can win the whole competition!

Setlist 2018



Upcoming gigs for the year 2018


Judas Avenger will be performing at restaurant Aallonmurtaja in Pori 10.2.2018 and at Kaaosfest in Vaasa 17.2.2018.

See you there!





2.1.2018 made an interview with Judas Avenger vocalist Pekka Montin, check out the interview here (in finnish).



Debut album CD’s available!


Judas Avenger’s debut album JA is now available in CD form. You can purchase your own copy from the shop-section (12 € & sticker included).


Judas Avenger in media


Check out the news here (in finnish):



Judas Avenger’s debut album JA is finished & ready to go!


We’ve just finished our full-lenght debut album and it’s been now released. Check out the new songs in Youtube or Bandcamp!

The psychedelic waves of Judas Avenger


Thanks Anu Bring for delivering this lovely portrait of Judas.

This artwork will be found in the page two of the forthcoming “JA” debut album. Stay metal!

Artwork by Any Bring


Empire of Dust remastered


Marco Schauman did a great job remastering Empire of Dust from Judas Avenger’s first EP. Check it out!

Give us a hand!


Judas Avenger is applying for a NOST€ -prize by Basso radio. The money would be used for Judas Avenger’s upcoming debut album, which will be released next autumn. You can give us your support by liking our application on the page:

All the support will be much appreciated!

Kivinen/Montin: Hell Patrol – Judas Priest cover


Judas Avenger vocalist Pekka Montin did a cover version of Judas Priest’s Hell Patrol together with Mika Kivinen. Check it out!


Singles Collection: demo of the month!


Judas Avenger’s release Singles Collection has been chosen to be the demo of the month (March 2017) by

Check out the review here.

Judas Avenger vocalist Pekka Montin supporting Graham Bonnet Band with Wishing Well


Judas Avenger vocalist Pekka Montin joined Wishing Well, as the band will be supporting Graham Bonnet Band for gigs in Finland and Scandinavia. In February there were three gigs in Finland and in April the tour will continue with gigs in Norway and Sweden.

More info & tour dates can be found here:

Bonnet 2017

Make Me Fly single out now


The new single Make Me Fly out now! The song is produced by Mikko Herranen.

10 potential bands in Finland: Judas Avenger on the second place


Kaaoszine-magazine has nominated Judas Avenger to be on the second place as one of the ten potential & rising groups in Finland.

Read the original article here (in finnish): Vuoden 2016 potentiaalisimmat rock/metalliyhtyeet top10

Celebrating the first year with festival gigs


Judas Avenger is celebrating it’s first year active with two festival gigs in Finland next summer:

27.-28.5.2016 | Pori On The Rocks​

23.-25.6.2016 | Nummirock​ (30th Anniversary)

See you at the gigs!


Judas Avenger LIVE @ Nummirock Metal Festival


We have some great news!

Judas Avenger will be celebrating it’s first year by playing in Nummirock Metal Festival in Finland 23.-25.6.2016. See you all there!
Judas Avenger Nummirock

Judas Avenger’s vocalist to join Wishing Well for two gigs, the second with Graham Bonnet Band


Judas Avenger’s vocalist Pekka Montin will be joining the line-up of a finnish heavy-rock band Wishing Well for two gigs in April. The first will be in Bar Lepakkomies in Helsinki on 6th of April, and the second one on Thursday 21st of April in Helsinki On the Rock supporting Graham Bonnet Band.

More info on the gigs:

6.4.2016 at Lepakkomies, Helsinki with Radar7

21.4.2016 at On the Rocks Helsinki, supporting Graham Bonnet Band

Wishing Well

A Wolf Among Sheep


“A Wolf Among Sheep” is Judas Avenger’s first single release.

It contains two new songs and a completely new sound of the band.
The songs are going to be more straightforward and a little bit more moodier and more serious than before. The band is going to carry on with four dedicated musicians, adding more clean vocals, haunting guitars, screaming solos, roaring bass, some old synths and straight beat to the mix. The “Metal” is there but this time with a different influences.

Date of release: February 2016.

1. If I Had A Chance (Montin/Montin)

“The song tells a story of a human being realising it’s too late for him to chase his dreams. He had lost his faith in himself and therefore drowned his dreams allowing bitterness to haunt him until the rest of his days. A typical feature when many of us grow old – we start to explain to ourselves the things we cannot change anymore, or what things we could have wanted to change in our Prime Time”.

2. Lies Within Me (Montin/Lempää)

“This one is basically what happens when you start to believe your own lies and how the lies become a big part of YOU and your personality. A very warm and dangerous feature in many of us…”

Upcoming gigs


Upcoming gigs in December & January:

11.12.2015 St. Ranta, Säkylä

19.12.2015 Käenpesä, Perniö

23.1.2016 Baarikaappi, Pori.

Debut gig at Pori Rock Bar Monttu was a success! Thank you all!

Judas Avenger debut gig!


Welcome all to our debut gig at Pori Rock Bar Monttu (Antinkatu 15) tonight 21.11.2015. Other performers: Dark Avenger – tribute to Sign of the Hammer & Napalm Kitten. Tickets 6 €.

Judas Avenger debut EP vinyls & CD’s have arrived & gigs coming soon!


Judas Avenger debut EP is available on vinyl and CD and will be released on 20th November. You can order your own via email, see SHOP for more info.

On 21st November Judas Avenger will be performing their first gig in Rock Bar Monttu, Pori. Here you can find more info about all upcoming Judas Avenger gigs.

Judas Avenger is here!


Judas Avenger was formed in January 2015 in Finland.

During the past years the members of the band have played together in several metal groups, including many tribute and cover groups, which have done several gigs all over Finland. Dark Avenger (tribute to Manowar) and Judas Rising (tribute to Judas Priest) to name a few. Judas Avenger was born from these groups.

In year 2015 it was time to put all other bands into second place. The members of the band wanted to start doing their own stuff together, and during the year 2015 debut EP started to take form.

EP will be released on vinyl and on CD, and it will also be available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer etc.

Stay tuned!