Judas Avenger was formed in 2015 by the lead singer Pekka Montin

“I can go on and on with another edition of comparisons to the old vanity of British Metal, and still it won’t accurately describe the band’s musical efforts. Whether it is IRON MAIDEN with Paul Di’Anno guesting MANOWAR’s Eric Adams or ex-JUDAS PRIEST’s Tim “Ripper” Owens, for a never to happen duet or the early scratches of nostalgic Black Metal that might astound of MERCYFUL FATE, I believe that JUDAS AVENGER has a tad more than that in their bullet belt. First of all, there is a clear diversity of melodies is impressive, assorted rhythm section that at one time would sound as traditional as one can get and at the other will turn its form into a picture of modernity. Furthermore, the band’s vocalist is a true wizard, swinging from gnarls into smitten melodic voice, resulting in a true powerful front force mixed with the bands crushing musical mastery.” – Metal Temple

Perinteinen heavy metal ei ole muodissa, eikä uusia mielenkiintoisia yhtyeitä ole montaakaan viime vuosina korviini kantautunut. Porissa majaansa pitävä Judas Avenger iskeytyy jo ensitahdeista heavylauman keskelle asiaankuuluvalla itsevarmuudella. Laulaja Pekka Montin ja koko yhtye tuntuu olevan sopivasti tosissaan metallinsa kanssa. Audiovideo povaa Judas Avengerille raskasta ja menestyksekästä tulevaisuutta. – AudioVideo

“JA, the mysterious title of this album, is the band’s second full-length outing (even if it clocks in at less than 29 minutes) and man, this is some of the darkest-flavored and meanest sounding Heavy Metal I have heard in quite a while. Their music is like a mix of Jugulator-era Judas Priest, with some progressive Metal elements from the likes of Nevermore and Shatter Messiah, with a twist from the infamous Finnish group Turmion Kätilöt (check out songs like “Tuhoaja – Osa 1” and “Tuhoaja – Osa 2″) ” – Metal Crypt

“And although the main influences of Judas Avenger are obviously the iconic Judas Priest and Manowar, this five-piece army of immortals from Finland also drinks from the metallic fountains of Savatage, Death, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and tons of other unique metal heroes, adding some extra layers of complexity to their music. Moreover, I guess I don’t need to mention the fact that, as most bands from Finland (and the whole Scandinavia), they have a titanic focus on the melody and harmony of their compositions, sounding at the same time polished and aggressive exactly as the Gods of Heavy Metal expect from any real heavy squad claiming for a place among them at the Halls of Valhalla.” – The Headbanging Moose

“I really enjoyed the art of the music and work put into writing and recording this album. It’s well thought out and renders a great album for fans to enjoy.  I would definitely recommend this album to listeners.  Stretch your metal music imagination with ‘JA’.”  – Yesterdaze News

4/5 – Inferno Metal Magazine 2016

Judas Avenger aloitti uransa vain vajaa kolme vuotta sitten, mutta taivallettu matka on suorastaan huima. Vuoden 2017 lopulla bändi vaikuttaakin olevan valmis seuraavalle tasolle, nyt kun ärtymys- ja vihatasot vain pysyisivät riittävän ylhäällä. –