A Wolf Among Sheep

“A Wolf Among Sheep” is Judas Avenger’s first single release.

It contains two new songs and a completely new sound of the band.
The songs are going to be more straightforward and a little bit more moodier and more serious than before. The band is going to carry on with four dedicated musicians, adding more clean vocals, haunting guitars, screaming solos, roaring bass, some old synths and straight beat to the mix. The “Metal” is there but this time with a different influences.

Date of release: February 2016.

1. If I Had A Chance (Montin/Montin)

“The song tells a story of a human being realising it’s too late for him to chase his dreams. He had lost his faith in himself and therefore drowned his dreams allowing bitterness to haunt him until the rest of his days. A typical feature when many of us grow old – we start to explain to ourselves the things we cannot change anymore, or what things we could have wanted to change in our Prime Time”.

2. Lies Within Me (Montin/Lempää)

“This one is basically what happens when you start to believe your own lies and how the lies become a big part of YOU and your personality. A very warm and dangerous feature in many of us…”